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Welcome to the Zaerr for Washington campaign website. Sorry to inform you that I finished 3rd and will not be in the general election. While it surprised several local reporters, I know we can do much better in the future. Feel free to write me in the general if you feel that the two candidates who are moving on don't represent your values. I will continue to post articles, and maybe even the occasional blog, for at least the foreseeable future. Unless my wife and I are relocated for work I plan on running again in 2018. Until then we must continue to push for the cause of freedom at every level of government. Toward the end of October I will be posting a list of who I'll be voting for in the general election.

Until then -- donate, share on social media, and/or volunteer for Gary Johnson. Of all Presidential Candidates he's by far the most consistent supporter of individual rights for both fiscal and social issues.

Thanks for your support this cycle,

Zachary Zaerr

Massachusetts Will Tax Uber to Subsidize Taxi Industry. That’s Absurd.

Uber and other ride-sharing apps are out-competing taxis by offering a better service. And the government doesn't like that one bit.

Take the state of Massachusetts, which has decided to levy a 5 cent fee on every single trip arranged by a ride-sharing service. That would be annoying on its own, but it gets much worse: the government will take the money generated from the fee and create a sort of bailout or subsidy for the failing taxi industry. Massachusetts is robbing Peter to pay Paul, who also happens to be Peter's direct competitor.

The irony is not lost on ride-sharing companies.

Read about it here.

Only One Candidate Rated Positively on Property Rights

Out of all of the candidates for the 43rd Legislative District Position 1 race, I am the only one to receive a positive rating by the Citizens' Alliance for Property Rights. If you agree with me that property rights are fundamental to a fully functioning economic system, it is clear that I am the best choice for the 43rd LD. I am the only candidate that consistently supports individual freedoms on all levels -- including property rights, LGBTQ rights, dumping poorly written and burdensome regulation, lowering taxes, and lessening our dependence on government programs. Remember to cast your ballot for the only candidate who supports your right to live your life as you choose!


As I Predicted, Seattle's Minimum Wage Rise Is Reducing Employment

We’ve been debating the effects of raising the minimum wage for some time now, and specifically there’s been a back and forth between myself and various acolytes of Nick Hanauer over what the minimum wage rise in Seattle will do to employment prospects there.

My claim was, by the standards of basic and conventional economics, entirely uncontroversial. A rise in the price of something will lead to people purchasing less of that thing. So a rise in the price of low-skill labor will lead to employers purchasing less of low-skill labor.

The claim is not (and never has been) that raising Seattle’s minimum wage will cause the economy to become some howling wasteland of huddled masses desperately looking for a job. It is that with a higher minimum wage there will be less low-skill employment than without a raise in that minimum wage. And yes, of course the effects of a minimum wage are going to be marginal when laid against all the other things that can happen to a labor market. (But remember that all economics happens at the margins.)


Campaign Update

This weekend I was lucky to be able to participate in pair of candidate forums for the 43rd Legislative District race. Thanks to the League of Women Voters, the Horizon House, and to the Coalition of Immigrants, Refugees, and Communities of Color (CiRCC) for their hospitality and involvement in the election process. All of the candidates were able to discuss a broad range of issues faced by the district and state at the two events.

As the only Republican or Libertarian in the race, I tried my best to communicate that the free market is the most efficient way to help ALL who work, live, and play in the district. There are difficult, complex issues surrounding income inequality, affordability, and education. We’re not going to improve the economy for those who are on the lower end of the income scale by simply adding taxes, burdensome regulation, and setting artificially higher wages. If only it were that simple! Instead of putting new burdens on small businesses, we need to reduce the cost of employment that the state contributes to so they can instead use that money to increase pay. To decrease housing costs in the city we should work with city officials and the local zoning board to amend the zoning downtown and allow taller buildings and multi-family dwellings.

I’ve been proud to receive a handful of endorsements recently from the King County Republican Party, the Gun Owners Action League of Washington, and the Washington State Farm Bureau. I am happy to have their support and I hope to gain the endorsements of several civil rights focused groups and business groups in the near future. See you on the campaign trail!

What the 43rd District candidates would do to bolster civil rights, affordability, and equity in Seattle

As the only Republican and self-described libertarian in the race, Zachary Zaerr is the only candidate who does not support lifting the state preemption on rent control. “If fewer people are willing/able to work in the city at low wages companies will be forced to adjust and pay an adequate level of income,” he said.

Saturday, Zaerr said affordability “is more of a city issue,” saying “Big Government” has limited how much density can be created in Seattle.


First Endorsement - Mainstream Republicans of Washington State

I'm proud to announce I've officially received my first endorsement! Being a late entrant to the race, I'm doing my best to garner some attention from various political, trade, and business groups that endorse candidates. While I consider myself to be more on the libertarian side of the Republican party, I was able to receive the endorsement of the Mainstream Republicans of Washington State today. I believe wholeheartedly in their four main issues -- jobs and prosperity, fiscal conservatism, education, and socially moderate policy.

Too often nowadays we see people who misunderstand the free market for being a negative for certain groups of people. To the contrary, fiscal conservatism and reduced regulation will grow jobs and salaries for all people. Classical liberal economic policies are responsible for the greatest explosion of wealth mankind has ever seen. Please join me on the campaign trail at one of the various debates to hear why I know the free market is the best thing for all of us.

Education is vitally important to the future of our state. We need to fully fund public education as required by the Supreme Court's McCleary decision. In my view, this should include adequate funding for trade or vocational schools, community colleges, and traditional four year universities alike.

Spreading the message of inclusive social policy and free market economics is extremely important, and I'm glad to have the support of a group that has a mission to do just that.

My Plan to become the 43rd Legislative District State Representative

Money in politics is a scary thing to many people. For over a decade in the 43rd Legislative District, many candidates have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars every cycle to inundate the airwaves, television, sidewalks, and newspapers with advertising. I will start out seeking to raise $4,999 in order to be under the small-dollar limit for financial reporting. After that, I will be seeking to raise money for local charities and organizations that help solve the issues that I have outlined as important problems facing the district. This way, no matter how big I win, or how badly I lose, I will be able to positively impact the community here. I ask for your support in helping me mold the future of Washington into one that promotes equality of opportunity rather than outcome, drives free-market solutions to our problems, gets rid of government waste, and preserves our wonderful natural resources.

I believe that even though I will raise at least a couple hundred thousand dollars less than my opponents, my message of economic opportunity and prosperity, cleaning up our streets and raising people out of poverty, and responsible environmental activity will resonate with the people of this district. If you agree please join my mailing list or my volunteering list – I look forward to meeting you and working alongside you to make this district and state even better and more prosperous.

Washington state must make a stand against Donald Trump

WASHINGTON Republicans still can make a statement in the May 24 presidential primary. Donald Trump will come into it short of the 1,237 delegates he will likely win to secure the party nomination.

But giving him Washington’s 44 delegates would be antithetical to the state’s interests.

Trump’s lack of understanding of foreign policy, his divisive campaign rhetoric and behavior, and his reluctance or inability to discuss policies behind his outrageous fantasies disqualify him as presidential material.

Republican voters should follow the lead of Chris Vance, a Republican running for U.S. Senate, who says he will vote for Ohio Gov. John Kasich in the primary. Kasich dropped out of the presidential race this week, but his name will still be on the ballots arriving in the mail soon.


Why I’m running for state representative

I’m running to be your state representative because the current state of politics scares me, quite frankly. I know a Republican candidate is a tough sell in Seattle, but I want to help mold the future of the Republican Party into one that is inclusive, positive, and supports pro-growth free market policies to lift all groups of people. I see a lot of problems around the district and state that can be tweaked to make this place even better. I don’t know if there’s anywhere else in the world that I can be at a freshwater and saltwater beach, tasting wine at a beautiful winery, hiking on a green mountain, skiing on a beautiful snow covered mountain, or having happy hour in a major city all within an hour and a half! Because I’m so passionate about Seattle, I want to make this place the best it can be.

My main policy goals, which you can check out on my issues page, will focus on:

1. Improving the homeless situation that plagues downtown Seattle currently. I’ve seen some very mentally unstable people roaming the streets that are a danger to themselves and others. We need to increase mental health funding and provide those who are sick the help they need. It’s inhumane and benefits no one to leave them on the streets like we currently do. I would hope to work with local charities and shelters to help solve the crisis at hand.

2. Improving the business climate in the state, getting government out of the way of small businesses, and broadly promoting sensible free market policies. I hope to convince some former socialist voters, democrats, and big government republicans of the fact that classical liberal economics are responsible for lifting more people out of poverty and into prosperity than any other economic system. Capitalism provides equality of opportunity for all when not burdened by government and political pressures.

3. Preserving the environment for future generations while working to help businesses thrive throughout the state. This would include common sense transportation solutions as well as state parks and improving river and lake health around the state.

Too often Democrats and Republicans alike overregulate and then blame businesses for skirting around the bad regulations they put in place. Too often both parties support policies that take rights away from certain people groups without respect for the Constitution. Regardless of party affiliation, our founding documents are clear that all people are created equal and are endowed with unalienable rights. I’m running for State Representative to create a positive vision for the future, in stark contrast to the Democrats and Socialist Alternative parties here that tell you that government is always the solution, when in reality it is almost always the problem. Similarly, the Republican Party has previously worked to deny people rights when the Constitution would say otherwise. I look forward to getting to know more people around the district in the coming months! Talk to you soon!