Zachary Zaerr

For Washington State Representative

43rd Legislative District


Homelessness & Mental Health

Residents of the 43rd Legislative District confront the effects of having a large homeless population on a daily basis. With so many people on the streets we have an unsafe environment for the entire city. Places like “The Jungle” are constantly occupied and torn down, with crime and violence being prevalent in these dangerous areas. We were led to believe that the city was working toward fixing the homeless situation, but things have been ineffective thus far. Problems are exacerbated by mental health problems going untreated or undertreated.

If you choose to elect Zachary as your representative, he would expand funding for mental health treatment. This will both increase the safety of our streets and afford people the help they need. He also believes that the private sector can almost always do a better job than government. Charitable organizations, religious organizations, and other mission-focused groups need increased funding to do the good work they do. Zachary would make it a priority to address the situation at hand and to improve the lives of everyone who calls the 43rd Legislative District home.

Wages and Affordability

While the Fight for 15 certainly has noble intentions, the unfortunate reality for many employees will be the loss of jobs. Companies with slim margins will be forced to cut employees and replace them with technology, raise prices significantly, or close down completely. The free market works better than a statewide government mandate can. In order to mitigate job losses, the state legislature should treat franchises as small businesses and give them adequate time to adjust their business models and phase in the wage increase.

If elected as your representative, Zachary would take measures to promote and spotlight businesses that provide good paying jobs for workers without punishing those that don’t. He believes wholeheartedly that the impact of voting with your dollars is more effective than having government set arbitrary minimum wage floors. Zachary will fight for employers and employees alike, getting government out of the way so Washington can grow wages and prosper.


From the first time they came to Seattle, Zachary and his wife instantly fell in love with Lake Union, Green Lake, and the western shore of Lake Washington. Having grown up hunting, fishing, and playing in the woods, he was amazed at the wonderful array of local, state, and national parks in the PNW. Such an abundance of natural resources should be harnessed for renewable energy and maintained for future generations to experience the same great outdoors we enjoy today.

Zachary is a proponent of creating and preserving parks and outdoor areas around the state. With such a diverse range of ecosystems across the state, the people of this state can provide both great educational opportunities and outdoor exercise space. As your State Representative, he would make it his duty to introduce and defend responsible conservation practices without prohibiting economic growth.


The past decade has seen several monumental court cases surrounding violations of various civil liberties. Zachary would aim to start a movement toward a Republican Party that defends the rights of the LGBTQ community as human rights rather than an intimidating progressive goal. To a different end, he also supports ending the state ban on same day fantasy sports. Zachary firmly supports SB 6333 to classify one day, individual performance related fantasy sports as a game of skill rather than chance. Zachary believes people have the right to make personal decisions regarding their lives and money so long as they don’t interfere with other people’s rights.

In the spirit of individualism and of the Constitution, we should all support the rights of individuals to live life with the freedom endowed upon us by God and nature. As your representative, Zachary would promise to support the various causes of liberty and freedom throughout the state. He is of the belief that no cause of liberty is too big or too small to take on.


As a product of public schooling all the way through college, Zachary knows the great service to the community that quality public schooling can provide. As an aerospace employee, he has also seen firsthand how valuable a technical skill can be. While Washington is blessed with a multitude of quality schools, there are many jobs in Washington that a 4-year bachelors program can’t prepare you for. Washington has an abundance of students in community colleges and technical schools, but they are currently underfunded.

There aren’t many states that can compete with Washington’s broad range of employers in manufacturing, technology, and agriculture. Charter schools, alternative and technical schools, and well-funded public schools are necessary for the long-term wellbeing of the state. Zachary supports healthy state funding for the many faces of education because it is both a vehicle to move people out of poverty and a boon to Washington’s vibrant, growing economy.


With hundreds of millions of dollars and countless hours wasted on commuting related issues every year, we need state government to focus on finding solutions quickly. Decades of shortsighted city planning and highway design have made it difficult for people to travel to and from work. Traffic will only continue to get worse if things don’t change, especially with new employers moving work into the city.

Using the generous amount of money collected from private citizens and businesses through taxation throughout Washington, government should be working to facilitate efficient and timely travel opportunities throughout Puget Sound and the state. As the 43rd Legislative District State Representative, Zachary would prioritize working on solutions to the pending transportation crisis as Seattle and Bellevue grow even further.